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  Spring 2022: Newspapers, Civil War, Settlements, Wm McLellan, Letarte & Rockefeller, Bride deserted
  Winter 2021: Catholic Arrivals, Walking-Man Sign, McLellans Store
  Fall 2021: Scottish Weavers, 1947 Maine Fire, Cornelia Warren, John E. Warren, SDW Local RR

Summer 2021: Memories of - Tom's Restaurant, Blue Spruce & Urban Crest Farm, Wyer's Greenhouse

  Spring 2021: Corner of Main & Bridge St; Nellie Davis Spiller's Oral History; Westbrook & 1918 Flu
  Winter 2020: Historical Sketches by Isabel Ray; Ansel Sterling WHS Art Teacher; 1918 Flu Epidemic
  Fall 2020: Presumpscot River; An Indigenous Study
  Summer 2020: Trickey House & Its Traveling Wall; Dana Mill & Others; Hezekial Elwell's Memories
  Spring 2020: Maine's 200th Birthday; SS Westbrook Victory Ship; A Manufacturing City
  Winter 2019: The First Indian War; Westbrook Then & Now
  Fall 2019: Stephen Dresser's Memories; Benj. Paul Akers; Westbrook's Early Settlers
  Spring 2019: Fall of the Scates Block; Memories of Brackett Street
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Biography Americanization of the Nielsen Family Winter 2005 p4
Biography Artt Frank, Westbrook's Bop Drummer Winter 2009 p2
Biography Charles "Fiske" Warren Winter 2008 p3
Biography Dad's Work - Charles Davis Spring 2010 p3
Biography Dr. Louis Hill - This Old House Spring 2007 p4
Biography Duncan McIntosh - The McIntosh Broadsword Winter 2006 p3
Biography Edmund Needham Morrill 1834 - 1909 Winter 2010 p4
Biography George Gore Autumn 2009 p4
Biography Harrison King McCann 1880 - 1962 Winter 2010 p4
Biography Henry Plummer, Westbrook Renegade? Summer 2008 p2
Biography H. Ordway Furbish, Westbrook Mayor, 1942-1945 Spring 2006 p4
Biography Lt. Col. Robert C. Knight 1939 - Winter 2010 p4
Biography Oscar Robinson - an early Mayor of Westbrook Fall 2006 p4
Biography Pearl Parker Bacheldor Interview Spring 2011 p3
Biography Reminiscences of Nellie Davis Spiller Winter 2005 p2
Biography Rural School Days by Shirley Leighton, Jr. Summer 2007 p2
Biography William Cutter, Mayor of Westbrook, 1895-1896 Summer 2006 p4
Biography William Whipple Poole, Jr. 1889 - 1918 Winter 2010 p2
Biography Rev. Caleb Bradley Fall 2015 p5
Buildings Warren-Carr-Vallee Block Spring 2009 p3
Businesses Kourapis Farms Spring 2009 p1
Businesses Rocheleau’s Clothes Store Spring 2009 p5
Businesses Westbrook Hammock Company Summer 2011 p2
Businesses W. Paulsen Chevrolet Co. Fall 2011 p3
Businesses Westbrook Ski Slope Summer 2014 p 3
Businesses Night the Mill Went Out 1896 Fall 2015 p4
Businesses Development of Worker Housing Fall 2015 p1
Collection American eagle - grounded after 77 years of vigil Summer 2006 p2
Collection Chamber pot Summer 2006 p2
Collection City whistle Summer 2006 p2
Collection Eleanor Conant Saunders Scrapbook Collection Spring 2015 p1
Collection Fiddlers & fiddler-makers of Westbrook Winter 2009-10 p1
Collection Freeman Porter pewter coffee pot Summer 2008 p2
Collection Haskell Silk Mill Cocoons & Book Spring 2007 p3
Collection Lightening rod Summer 2005 p2
Collection Martha Roberts' Diary Spring 2011 p5
Collection S. S. Westbrook Victory, champagne box Spring 2006 p3
Collection Painting of House, now "The Elms" Fall 2006 p4
Collection Saccarappa Bible Summer 2006 p3
Collection Scrapbook - Collections of News Clippings, WWII Fall 2006 p3
Collection Tom Mix letter to the Spiller boys Winter 2008 p4
Collection Westbrook City Ledgers Fall 2012 p5
Collection Westbrook Pewter of Stevens Plains Winter 2009 p4
Collection What's an Obituary? Spring 2014 p 3
Document Article Fair Presumpscot, A trip on the steamer Sokokis, 1895 Winter 2003-04 p6
Document Article Small Pox in Cumberland Mills - Board of Health Report Summer 2008 p3
Document Article What the City Has to Offer - 1895 Winter 2003-04 p5
Event David Crockett visits Society Fall 2008 p1
Event Open house at Society's New Location Spring 2012 p1
Event Reception for Rudy Vallee's Widow Spring 2007 p2
Event Rededication of Rudy Vallee Square Autumn 2009 p1
Event Veterans' Monument Dedication 1917 Spring 2013 p4
Genealogy Banks-Hartley Family Fall 2011 p2
Genealogy Boucher Family Memories Fall 2010 p3
Genealogy Dreaming of a French Christmas

Winter 2009-10

Genealogy Holston-Melcher family Fall 2008 p2
Genealogy Maine Historical Society's Historical Databases Summer 2006 p4
Genealogy Story of John Proctor, and this Old House Summer 2005 p3
Genealogy Woodbury Families and houses Winter 2003-04 p2
Historical Letter From the "Eastern Argus" 1815 Summer 2005 p2
Historical Letter Olive A. Quinby's Civil War Letters to Husband Spring 2011 p3
Historical Letter "The Next President - James Monroe" 1815 Summer 2005 p2
Historical Letter The Storm of 1936 - from a journal of Edna Gowen Winter 2006 p4
Historical Letter To Miss Doyle from Pvt. George Whitzell - WW I Summer 2011 p3
Historic Sights Bridges Winter 2012 p2
Historic Sights Col. Westbrook's *** Dam! Spring 2015 p5
History American Legion Auxiliary; Memorial Post 197 Fall 2006 p3
History American Legion Post 62, founded October 1919 Fall 2006 p2
History Ann's Wedding Dress (Ann Plummer Woodbury), 1806 Winter 2003-04 p2
History Armistice Day - "Lest we forget" Fall 2006 p2
History Barrett Hospital Winter 2009 p3
History Bridges of Westbrook Winter 2012 p2
History Caring for the Poor in the 1800s Winter 2009 p3
History Civil War Remembered Spring 2013 p2
History Conants of Saccarappa Summer 2006 p4
History Corp. Albert Caron, Westbrook, Prisoner in Philippines Fall 2006 p3
History Corregidor's Last Hours - Recorded Radio Code Fall 2006 p3
History County Roads of Duck Pond Fall 2011 p3
History Cumberland and Oxford Canal Spring 2006 p5
History Early City Government Fall 2012 p1
History Early City Owners Winter 2012 p1
History Far East duty and war's end, 1946, WWII - Phillip Curran Winter 2005 p5
History Five Years Ago in Westbrook - Newsletter Winter 2001 Winter 2006 p3
History Floors in old houses Winter 2003-04 p4
History Founding of a town Fall 2013 p 2
History Government Jobs in Westbrook in 1814 Summer 2012 p1
History Highland Lake School 1948 Spring 2012 p2
History How Highland Lake got its name Spring 2006 p2
History Hurricane Katrina Volunteer - Allen Crabtree of Sebago Winter 2006 p2
History Interview With Mrs. Isabel Ray 1914 Spring 2007 p5
History Kiwanis Club & Pride's Corner Community Club Winter 2007 p3
History Leavitt vs. Dow - Maine's 1st Civil Rights case Winter 2009-10 p4
History Little Bronze Boy in the Park - tribute to John Warren Spring 2006 p4
History Lobby Cards Fall 2008 p4
History Maine 1947 Forest Fires Winter 2014 p2
History Maine Man in Australia after escaping Jap Prison Camp Fall 2006 p4
History Martha Washington Charitable Society of Saccarappa Winter 2006 p5
History My Grandfather, Pete Tetrault Winter 2006 p3
History Old House Myths - "Tory Chimneys" Fall 2006 p4
History One Hundred Years ago in Westbrook Fall 2006 p5
History Police Lockup first was at the Poor Farm on Saco Street Fall 2006 p6
History Prohibition in the Paper City Autumn 2009 p3
History Rare Wallpaper at Dr. Hill's house Summer 2015 p1
History Scates Block Summer 2007 p5
History School Days Winter 2007 p5
History School District #13 Summer 2011 p3
History Schools of Westbrook Fall 2013 P2
History S. S. Westbrook Victory - and Colin A. Roma Spring 2006 p3
History Tales of Times Gone by - Reminiscences by Bill Clarke/John Hay Summer 2005 p5
History Temple Lodge Ancient Free & Accepted Masons Summer 2007 p4
History This old school house - Forest Street School Winter 2005 p3
History Trolleys - Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport Winter 2006 p1
History Warren Congregational Church Summer 2005 p4
History Warren Sloyd School Fall 2008 p4
History Westbrook Decemvir Club Summer 2007 p5
History Westbrook Housing Summer 2015 p3
History Westbrook Rotary Club 1925 Winter 2003-04 p4
History Westbrook Streets Autumn 2009 p3
History Westbrook Street Names & numbering Summer 2015 p4
History Westbrook's 25 Revolutionary War Soldiers Fall 2006 p2
History World War 1 Veterans of Westbrook Fall 2006 p2
History Wilder Part of New England Spring 2014 p1
History World War II Ration Guide, Jan. 26, 1943 Winter 2006 p5
History World War II Veterans Fall 2006 p3
Houses Conant Homestead Winter 2009 p1
Houses Westbrook's Haunted Houses Fall 2008 p3
Interview Rudy Vallee's Long-time Fan, Norman Ostrowski Summer 2008 p1
News Article Business Men to banquet at Tavern 1925 Winter 2003-04 p4
News Article Flood of 1896 (from a newspaper clipping in the archives) Winter 2006 p4
News Article Heroes of another time ; Revolutionary War Veterans Winter 2003-04 p5
News Article Narragansett Sun - Jan 3, 1895 edition Summer 2006 p6
News Article Narragansett Sun - May 9, 1895 : Westbrook Prior to 1657 Winter 2007 p5
Organizations Catholic Order of Foresters Spring 2009 p4
Organizations Cloudman Relief Organization Spring 2011 p1
Organizations Suburban All Stars Little League Team 1951 Fall 2011 p4
People Early Settlers: Babb, Conant, Thompson Fall 2012 p3
People Graduates of Note Summer 2011


People Pierre Harnois Spring 2014 p 5
People Pvt. Leroy W. Riggs Summer 2011 p4
People Brigadier General Joseph P. Vachon Summer 2011 p4
People Dr. Thor Miller Winter 2014 p3
People Paul Tapley meets 'cousin' through Society Summer 2014 p 4
People Rudy Vallee - My Time is Your Time Summer 2014 p 2
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