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During the month of October, the Society usually has a few visitors who come in to search their homes’ history.  When questioned, some will say it’s because of some  of the ‘strange things’ that have occurred in the house.     Over the years, this volunteer has saved a collection of these stories about local GHOSTS & HAUNTINGS. (Names, and specific addresses have been omitted to protect the owners. The stories date back twenty plus years, so owners – and experiences - may have changed. ED)

In the early 2000s, a young couple bought a house on Forest Street.  While doing some renovations, the couple found a small child’s chair sitting beside a very small ‘peel-hole’ window in the attic.  They gave the chair to a relative and replaced the old window with a new one,  to spruce up the loft.  Following those changes, the wife complained of hearing someone upstairs, even when the husband was not home. Their search was to find out something about the families that had lived there before…was there a child, was a crime committed in the house…did anyone die there?  

One of Westbrook’s oldest homes on E. Bridge Street has ‘something’ in the house that would wake the owner and her cats up at night. There is also an old Indian cellar behind the fireplace that the cat won’t go near. The owner has been has told that a former realtor would not go near the fireplace  “because it made her feel funny.”  The homeowner had a Paranormal study done and was told that “there were spirits there but they are not malevolent and will cause no harm.”.

The owner of a home on Bridge Street, who described herself as a “Christian and a non-believer in ghosts”, lived in her 1856 haunted house for 15 years. She related the following story: She had not lived there long when one day she sensed someone watching her and saw a tall, older man in period clothing, standing in the hallway. He did not speak, nor did she. She felt no fear and knew that he was not real.   
After that, there were appearances seen by her sister and by a lady who came to her yard sale. This  shopper informed the owner that she had a ghost in her doorway, and described    him just as the homeowner did. The woman also said that he said his name was Christopher. However, the homeowner and her husband had named him ‘George’ and continued to call him that. ‘George’  liked to play tricks, like throwing items, putting the cat in the closet, having parties late at night with singing and dancing, and calling out to the owner’s husband. The husband had not seen ‘George’, but he had seen objects being moved around the room and heard him calling.

The owners of one of the ‘mill houses‘ on Cumberland Street stated that both of them often heard a voice calling ‘goodnight, George’. They later discovered that a George Sewall lived in the house at one time.  When they purchased the house there had been a small room with a shingled-over window, over their front door. During renovations, they removed the shingles and opened the window. “George” did not like this!! He started walking around the house hollering ‘why did you do that?’

Interesting? Unbelievable?  True?  It’s up to you to take your pick, but these are some of the interesting stories of Westbrook hauntings, as told by those who experienced them!


Some old Westbrook houses....

...not the subjects of this report!

All photographs and information taken from Westbrook Historical Society archives, unless otherwise noted.
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