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walker house 2
The Walker House, 17 Brook Street - before 1892
(Dirt road along foreground of photograph is now Brook Street )



Henry B. Walker was a prominent Westbrook (Pride’s Corner) citizen in the 1800s.  He was a brick maker, farmer, Selectman, Justice of the Peace and a member of the Democratic Party.  His came from a family     of  brick manufactures who operated at least 3 brick yards in Prides Corner. Bricks from the Walker brick yards were used to build many local homes and  many of the downtown sidewalks and  businesses.

Henry and Mary Ann Lunt*, daughter of George Lunt*, were married in 1847 and Henry bought George Lunt’s house at Pride’s Corner.  He tore down the wooden house in 1889 to erect  the beautiful brick mansion, on the corner of Brook and Bridgton Road, still standing over 100 years later. The bricks for this Italianate-style home were hand pressed in his brick yard. The house had granite lintels and a widow’s walk.  Parties and dances, with local fiddlers providing the music, were held on the second floor, rear.

After the death of Mary Ann Lunt, Henry married her sister Zelia Lunt.  The home remained in the Walker family until the 1940s when it was sold and turned into the Bishop Nursing Home.  In the 1970s it was sold again and had a succession of owners before falling empty and into disrepair and deterioration. In the 1990s it was bought by a private family who beautifully restored it; it remains privately owned and is a residence and AirBnB.

*G.W. Lunt (1794 – 1871) is buried at 355 Bridgton Rd (302) in the Lunt Cemetery, behind the Community of Grace Church. His daughter, Mary Ann Lunt WALKER  (1834 – 1861) ,  wife of H.B. Walker  is also interred here.
Henry B. Walker (1819-1900) and his second wife, Zelia A. Lunt WALKER (1825-1899) are buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery, inside Evergreen Cemetery on Stephens Avenue

walker house 302
The Walker House, 2020, as seen from U.S. 302
walker house brook
The Walker House, 2020, as seen from Brook Street
walker lintels
Granite lentils and small, hand pressed bricks
Henry b walker
Henry B. Walker Sept. 1879
All photographs and information taken from Westbrook Historical Society archives, unless otherwise noted.
References: An Early History of Pride's Corner by John R. Lewis; Westbrook Firefighters Yearbook 2000; Highlights of Westbrook History, Compiled by Ernest R Rowe & others; Scrapbook collection, House Survey Notebook
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