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lambs hill
Lamb's Hill Ski Slope



In 2014, a man came into the Historical Society asking if there had ever been any ski slopes in Westbrook. After sending out queries to our members, we discovered this photo of the Lamb’s Hill ski slope, and the following memories about the slope:

George H. remembered skiing here. “They had a rope tow.  Ray Letarte ran the slope.”

Norm W. used to work there. His job was to make sure that the ropes stayed on the car wheels. It was called Lamb"s Hill Slope in the late 1950s. 

Ann B. remembered skiing in Cumberland Mills. Her Dad would drive her and her friend to the slope, then they would walk home.

Sally K. remembered sliding/skiing on Lamb’s Hill which was part of the Lamb Farm.  She and her friends would slide toward Main Street, or the rock ledge drop-off, until the horses were let out of the barn.  Those large draft horse frightened the girls…so they would decide that it was time to get back to the fence and go home.

Tom D. remembered the hill well!  “One memorable day in 1944 my Boy Scout troop spent a Saturday tobogganing there and later engaged in a monumental snowball fight. I remember being in the subgroup which defended the fort that we had constructed at the top of the hill. This was a troop attached loosely to the Warren Congregational Church, ? Troop #84?, with the minister Mr. McDonald as our Scout leader. It was a long hill and one got the longest ride down in town on toboggan, skis, or sled. I remember it was close to a house rented by the Rolfe family at the time”

Polly H. related that “in the 1930s we would walk down Main Street to Bill Lamb’s house and ask to slide down Lamb’s Hill…no ski slope there then. We would take shovels to cover the S.D. Warren rail road tracks with snow before sliding…and then clear them off when done, so the trains could use them. It was on the back side of hill where Larrabee Village is now.  Also, when I was in Miss Wyer’s class at Forest Street School, we walked down to Warren Library to the 3rd floor where Redman’s Hall was, and met Adm. MacMillan and his Eskimo…shook hands with each. Also met Charles Lindbergh in Old Orchard Beach where my grandparents lived.”

All photographs and information taken from Westbrook Historical Society archives, unless otherwise noted.
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