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pool, 1966,
Cornelia Warren Pool, 1966


Summer is here and we’re all heading to the beach, or to the local pool, to get cool.   “The Old Swimming Pool” has been featured in a ‘Photo of the Month’ (see Photo Archives), and since then, the Society has received the following letter from P. Morin, Jr.


“In the summer of 1966 I was both a life guard/swimming instructor [at the Cornelia Warren Pool] and did what little maintenance was required on the pool. My chair was down on the far right on the deep end, I pulled more than a few brave kids out who were way over their heads. My uncle Matt would periodically deliver huge carboys of chlorine from the mill, I hate to think how many shirts we ruined handling that stuff. We finally got a tester to check the chlorine levels. up to that point, we could tell when the birds stopped drinking from the pool, we had too much chlorine in the pool.  The pool held approximately 500,00 gallons of water. We would drain and clean the pool about every two weeks. We basically used street brushes and lots of water to get the job done. I worked with some wonderful people there, and quite possibly one of the best jobs I would ever have.”


"The high dive, the board was only ten feet off the water,
seemed higher at the time."
pool, high
It's a long way down!

pool, Ash
Ash Atherton, Westbrook's Athletic Director, was a familiar figure at the pool  


ED: The Cornelia Warren Pool, off Main Street, was completed in 1949 and replaced the old swimming tank that was in the Presumpscot River; see Photo Archives.

Article and Photographs supplied by P. Morin, Jr.
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