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FROM 9 - 12NN

The Society will open at special times, on request.....
for special group meetings or just for research. Send e-mail
to info@westbrookhistoricalsociety.org to set up times

See Gift page for 2 new books published to celebrate Westbrook's Bicentennial
*****Check out the Time Capsule link on the 'Activities' page*****
Read the articles found when the 1914 Time Capsule was opened.



The purpose of the contest is to:
Record a history of Westbrook’s People, Places, Events.
Preserve a record of Westbrook’s history through resident’s memories
Preserve a record of Westbrook’s history through illustrations

TWO ENTRY LEVELS* – Adult and Student (K through 12)
1st prize: $50, plus 1 year membership in Westbrook Historical Society
2nd prize: $25, plus 1 year membership in Westbrook Historical Society
    There will be duplicate prizes for each entry level
Anyone is eligible to enter but entries MUST be about Westbrook
Typed entries should consist of 500 words or less (NOTE: only typed entries will be considered)  
    Photographs may be added to an essay but only the words will count in choosing a winner.
Video or Power-point presentations should be 20 minutes or less and include a hardcopy
Oral interviews should also include a typed transcript
Entries must be submitted to Westbrook Historical Society by May 1st, 2015
                                                     426 Bridge Street, Westbrook, ME 04092

Include name, address, telephone number and other contact information with entry
For further information and/or questions, contact: Donna Conley 854-2464 or info@westbrookhistoricalsociety.org

*****VISIT US*****
Our new home at 426 Bridge Street

The purpose of the Westbrook Historical Society is to bring together those people interested in the history of Westbrook, Maine and to discover, collect, and preserve any materials and objects that establish and illustrate the history of the area.

The members of the Society are the stewards of the heritage of our city. Westbrook has an exceedingly rich and diverse history, richer than most. We don't want any of it to be lost or forgotten, and with these motives we have become central to its preservation. In fact, our motto is, "A Society That Preserves the Past." We do that as surrogates for everyone in Westbrook and, in a very true civic sense, for the city itself.

Please explore our site: visit our Collections and research materials; attend the Programs we offer; enjoy our Activities where you can see our Interesting Photo of the Month.

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The Westbrook Historical Society is housed at the Westbrook Community Center, 426 Bridge Street
Entrance on right side of building

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